Comics in Boston: Where to Shop


There’s something about buying comic books in a comic book store. One could say it’s easier to buy them online, but there’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a comic book store and buying a hard copy. The store’s always filled with shelves and shelves filled with different comics on all of them. I love walking around and looking at all the different ones, all the unique art styles, and all the interesting stories. From Kill or be Killed, a crime drama about a man who believes a demon is telling him to kill people, to Alex + Ada, a comic about a man who gives a robot a conscience and then falls in love with her. Some comic shops have music playing in the background, some don’t. Some have wonderful decorations, most are only decorated with shelves and shelves of comic books. But there’s always people looking through different comics, people discussing the comics, movies, and television shows they love as they browse through the different aisles. All comic book stores are different, and all of them have something to offer. Here is a list of five places to check out.


1. Newbury Comics

This is your safest bet to find all of the new comics, accessories, manga, and apparel in Boston. It’s a quick twenty minute walk down Newbury street away from the Common, and it’s a great place to go for your average comics fan. This is perfect for every comic lover at Emerson. It’s close by, it has all of your favorite comics, and it has a nice atmosphere. It has issues, it has volumes, it has a little bit of everything. If you want to shop for comics in Boston, this is definitely the safest bet.

2. Comicopia

This is the place to go if you’re looking for Manga. With a sprawling Manga collection that is bigger than Newbury, Comicopia is your place if you love Manga. They have Deathnote, they have Black Butler, they have fantasy, action, romance and so much more. It’s a small shop in an easy to miss area in Back Bay West, twenty minutes from Emerson. I wouldn’t consider it the best location, but it’s clean save a dingy Marvel rug on the floor and fairly well-lit with music playing and a good staff.

3. Trident cafe and bookstore

This isn’t a comic book store, but it does have a shelf full of indie comics you most likely have never heard of before. For all comics fans, this is a great stop to go to if you’re looking for something different and unusual. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else, and it’s conveniently located next to Newbury Comics. So stop in, grab a coffee and settle down in a comfy chair with your favorite comic.


4. Barnes and Noble

You won’t find anything in the local outlet, but if you go over to the Prudential Center you’ll find a small but worth mentioning comic book section of Barnes and Noble. It doesn’t have all of your favorite Indie series or any single issues but it might just have what you’re looking for.  


5. Cookie Cutter Girl, Pop Superhero

This is NOT a comic book store. I repeat, this is NOT a comic book store. According to Google maps, it’s open until nine but in reality it’s not open at all. It’s not even an it. It’s a she. I spent three hours trying to find a comic book store that was actually a musical artist who has her address in Google. The only reason this came up as a comic book store in Google is because it has “Superhero” in the name. Luckily, I’ve provided you with this list so that you don’t have to walk around Boston at 11 PM trying to find a nonexistent store.

You’re welcome.

Photography by Tatiana Guel