Which Quick Wich?

While taking classes back-to-back can often be ideal in terms of homework time, sleep, and commuting, even if just from the dorms, packed schedules don’t leave much time to grab a bite to eat when hunger strikes.

sandibite2 (1 of 1).jpg

So what is the fastest way to grab something cheap and of actual nutritional value for lunch between classes? Breaking down the 15 minute door-to-door window, I had five minutes to get from class to lunch spot, five minutes to order and pay, and then five minutes to head to class and eat it along the way.

I got a turkey sandwich with two toppings and sauce at all of the places I went to, but not wanting to get sick of the same thing every day, I mixed it up a bit. At Subway, I had the sandwich toasted with ranch and spinach. At Jimmy Johns, I had their Turkey Tom (they don’t offer toasting). At the Dining Center I had it toasted with lettuce, tomato and ranch.

Subway $5.02

The toasting made it warm, which added a lot, tasting less rushed and like slimy lunch meat from elementary school. They have the widest selection of toppings and additives, which was nice. It took exactly five minutes to get from the Walker Building and down Tremont Street, passing construction and crossing the intersection. There was no line and multiple people to help me with what I wanted, so it was pretty quick, even with the added toasting time.

Jimmy John’s $6.94

I always love Jimmy John’s bread. Their meat is cold and deli-like, but it seems fresh. It was pretty clean to eat, something I could have easily eaten on my way back to class. There was a good portion of mayonnaise on the sandwich, but I missed the warmth of Subway. This sandwich was just another deli sandwich, a good one at that, but still the same I’ve had a million times. And, they don’t have a very wide selection. It was definitely fast though, finished before I took my credit card out of the machine.

The Dining Center a meal swipe

The sandwich itself was pretty good. The dining hall meats always seem a bit more like mundane lunch meat, but that’s understandable. Similar to Subway, I got to pick exactly what I wanted. The toasting didn’t do much though. It still came out cold. It also took the longest time because everyone was going to the DC at that time. If you’re passing the main entrance of the building, maybe check through the window first.  

I meant to go to Diangelos and Panera, but didn’t have time. The City Place was filled with lines so it was impractical and I wouldn’t have made it to class on time. Panera also generally just takes more time and being the farthest location it became impractical as well.

In the end, I found myself continuing to go back to the Subway sandwich; I liked the taste and the variety. And since they offered a smaller size, it was easier to carry and eat. It was the perfect little size to eat on my way back. So, for the economically struggling but hungry Emersonian, Subway seems like the best choice, though Jimmy John’s was a very close second.


Photography by: Madeline Weinstein-Avery