Put an Earring on It


If fashion is an art project, then accessories are the glue that holds it together. Accessories establish an outfit’s color palette or mood. They tie two unlikely pieces of clothing together and create a little pop of color in an otherwise simple look. No great outfit is complete without a signature accessory to tie it all together.

But what is the right accessory? In truth, there is no real “right” answer. Some people can rock ten accessories all at once, others are afraid of the very idea of accessorizing. But earrings are always a reliable go-to.

Statement earrings are the defining element of my personal style. They’ve always seemed like the logical last step in any outfit. An otherwise average look seems suddenly elevated. When I buy new clothes, I always picture which earrings would match them best.

I like that I can play them up or down. Sometimes, when my hair is down, my earrings are barely visible, peeking through every once in awhile to catch the eye. Other times I pull my hair back to showcase them.

You can even build an outfit around a pair of earrings. They set the tone for the whole look. Pink, dangly, puffballs when you’re going for girly and cute; a big, wire frame wrapped in blue string for a funky twist; silver hoops when you’re feeling simple and a little more sophisticated.

The key is to have one pair in every color and for every style. When my pink sneakers don’t tie into the outfit well enough, I pop in a pair of pink earrings and voila, cohesion. When a black dress just feels too simple, I throw on some statement earrings for a pop of color. I’ve got one pair perfect for a boho look and another that pairs perfectly with fishnets and Doc Martens. Some complement a denim jacket or match the floral on a certain skirt. Everyone’s got variation in their wardrobe. But a few pairs of statement earrings go a long way in helping pieces make sense together. The more obscure the connection, the more well-executed the outfit.

I’m at my most confident in a solid pair of earrings. When my outfit looks well thought-out, I feel so much more presentable. It’s like people can tell how hard I worked that morning, even if this is the same outfit I’ve worn this pair of earrings with for months. I feel in control of my life, like, “Look how together she is! Her earrings match her socks!”

Of course, not everybody has a passion for statement earrings. But I think in fashion there’s something for everyone. Accessorizing might be the key you’ve been looking for to expressing yourself through style. Don’t be afraid to stand out. But if you are, that’s okay too. Find what speaks to you.

Photo by: Lily Walsh