Design By Your Sign

Cultivating one’s fashion identity can be a struggle. There are so many ways to create a new look or imitate a style—from bohemian dresses to a vintage, buttoned-up blouse. The fashion industry is always evolving, and so are you. It can be a daily struggle to figure out the direction you want your style to go in, especially if you’re ready to mix things up. However, there is one way you can personalize your look with a new technique—draw some inspiration from your zodiac sign.

There are 12 zodiac signs throughout each year, and each one has its own set of traits and characteristics. By examining your sign, you can harness an innovative way of dressing and embrace astrology. It can be a helpful determinant for what clothes to shop for and how you could vary your style. Take a look at these style assumptions and see whether or not your wardrobe matches up with your zodiac sign.

Up first is Aries—the confident, eager trailblazers who have a relentless determination. They are “the ram,” and tend to fight for their beliefs, meaning they prefer a powerful and strong style. They like to look put-together, encourage the use of accessories, and flip back-and-forth between powerful suits to leisurely cool outfits. If you’re an Aries, maybe try a bold blazer from H&M or sleek, black leggings from Lululemon.


A Taurus is recognized as “the bull,” but that doesn’t mean these sensual beings are stubborn when it comes to their fashion choices! They’re known for being providers and are reliable people who follow their hearts. This earth sign will turn to well-made, classic pieces. They’ll go for the outfits that are comfortable and fashionable, meaning they might be frequent customers at New York & Company or Bloomingdales and prefer colors like pastel pink and light blue or green.

A person born under the sign of Gemini has a versatile and vibrant personality. They are considered the chameleon of the group, so their style preferences are always open to change. “The twins” sign is into interesting, head-turning staples that are usually far from just “simple.” These lively individuals tend to have a lot of options in their closet and go for streamlined pieces and lots of jewelry. A Gemini can consider the designer options at Macy’s or snatch a patterned, long-sleeve blouse from Francesca’s.

Cancers are identified as the “the crab.” These fashionistas are loving, imaginative people, so the creativity in their wardrobe is an obvious characteristic. Someone whose sign is cancer appreciates peace and originality, which is represented in their clothing choices. Cancers love color, and unique tops with fabulous necklines. A colorful, trendy dress or spaghetti strapped top from Urban Outfitters will probably be somewhere in their closet, along with a small, one-toned handbag from Saks Fifth Avenue.   

Leos are the fiery, bold “lions” who embrace trendy looks. These trendsetters are fearless, creative people and, therefore, so are their wardrobes. Leos trust their gut when it comes to shopping, frequenting stores like Zara and Express to hone in on what’s affordable and “in.” They’ll go for unique shoes with a fun heel or patterned prints and two-toned tops.

  A Virgo, or “the virgin,” is described as a modest, practical individual. Virgos are intelligent, meticulous people and display this with their style. Virgos veer towards the colors red and ivory, and typically go for what’s feminine and functional. These polished stylists have a love for the classics and rock the casual, adult style. An ivory colored trench coat from Uniqlo or straight pink pants are always a go-to!

Libras love balance; their symbol is “the scales.” A Libra functions with a charming, diplomatic attitude and prefers cooperation and harmony. A Libra’s style quality consists of an edgier side to the classics. This sign tends to wear darker colors, like grey, black and navy blue. Their outfits can easily transition from daywear to nightwear. A Libra would appreciate dark grey jeans with an off-the shoulder, striped shirt from stores including Banana Republic and Loft.

A Scorpio, or “the scorpion,” is the most focused of the group. This water sign is intuitive and resourceful, but also very in-touch with their sexy side! Scorpios are loyal creatures of habit, with an aim to always seem polished and put-together. Scorpios might rely on neutral-toned staples from Target, where they could binge shop at affordable prices. However, Scorpios may decide to embrace their sensuality and wear a leg-slit black dress from Lulus for their exciting night-out.

“The archer,” or Sagittarius, has an adventurous energy and is a fearless, optimistic person. They dream big and are typically very intelligent, straightforward and easygoing individuals. Someone who is a sagittarius appreciates button-ups, but use bold colors to make a statement. Their freedom-loving spirits enjoy earthy, outdoorsy styles that translate a very “classic” style. Darker, earth tone colors, specifically blues and greens, may fill their closets along with pieces from Mango or closed-toe flats from DSW.

Capricorns are the literal “goat!” This sign is the master of planning and use their ambition and patience to achieve long-term goals. They love to get dressed-up, but usually in a comfortable, sophisticated manner. Capricorns have practical pieces that work for almost any situation, whether it’s for a day at the office or an early brunch with friends. Short, thick heels with straight black pants are viable options, from stores including Aldo and New York & Company, where simple pieces are always available.

An Aquarius is “the water bearer,” and those born under this sign are innovative humanitarians. These individuals have independent, loyal spirits and their originality transfers into their wardrobe. An Aquarian plays around with the wild side of fashion, using bold colors and prints to express their uniqueness and creativity. The trendiness and wide variety at stores like Forever 21 and Primark are great for these vibrant fashion setters.

    Finally, there’s Pisces, aka “the fish.” These people are the compassionate dreamers with an imaginative and sympathetic soul. Their sensitivity and free-spirited personality translates in what a pisces wears. Eye-catching, but flowy pieces are great for representing an easy-breezy vibe. A light-colored, summer dress from Free People or a flowy blouse from American Eagle could be somewhere in a pisces’ closet.

Now that you know how your inner zodiac persona likes to dress, see which high-scale fashion designer shares the same sign as you. Maybe you’ll be the next Versace or Kate Spade in the industry!


Aries: Guccio Gucci (March 26, 1881)
Taurus: Donatella Versace (May 2, 1955)
Gemini: Tory Burch (June 17, 1966)
Cancer: Giorgio Armani (July 11, 1934)
Leo: Michael Kors (August 9, 1959)
Virgo: Tom Ford (August 27, 1961)
Libra: Ralph Lauren (October 14, 1939)
Scorpio: Jimmy Choo (November 15, 1952)
Sagittarius: Gianni Versace (December 2, 1946)
Capricorn: Kate Spade (December 24, 1962)
Aquarius: Mary Quant (February 11, 1934)
Pisces: Alexander McQueen (March 17, 1969)

Illustration by: Lillian Cohen

Natalie Benoit