Beauty Breaking Boundaries


In the past few years, indie makeup brands have gained all kinds of attention. Thanks to the power of YouTube and social media, brands like Morphe, Colourpop, Dose of Colors and Violet Voss are now sold in major retailers. All of these companies started as small businesses led by everyday people just trying to create. Indie companies have the advantage of not having to cater to corporate expectations, meaning they have the freedom to be truly innovative.

With all the recent coverage about the lack of representation of people of color in the beauty industry, it’s easy to focus on the bad happenings. But it’s incredibly important to focus on some of the badass women helping to make the beauty industry a little more diverse, smaller companies jumping outside the box with vivid color palettes and inclusive shade ranges. Here are some beauty brands you won’t see in Sephora—at least not yet!


Beauty Bakerie:

Beauty Bakerie features an array of products that are themed around sweets and desserts. They have a wide range of “cake face concealers” as well as a bronzing palette, Coffee and Cocoa, that works for darker skin tones. For creator Cashmere Nicole, the project is personal: the bronzer palette in particular was inspired by her daughter who always struggled to find bronzer shades that worked for her. Nicole created the company after struggling with teen pregnancy and breast cancer, finding her passion and sweetness in Beauty Bakerie. The products are currently sold online as well as through authorized retailers like Riley Rose.



The brand Bee-Q-Box, popularized on Instagram, sells a pressed glitter palette perfect for creating bold sparkly looks. The online retailer also offers a variety of illuminating setting sprays called F*ckboy Repellent. Not only will these add some sparkle to finish off your look, they are also free of “childish games” and “side chicks.” The brand was started in 2016 by college student Brianna Queen. In the wake of the election, Queen wanted to invent a spritz to keep away all the negative men, and the brand grew from there.


Juvia’s Place:

Juvia’s Place is one of the best known black-owned indie cosmetics companies. Each of their palettes features detailed images of regal women of color on the packaging and cover. Juvia’s Place palettes aren’t afraid to be bold; they feature a range of striking pigmented mattes and shimmer. The brand’s most recent release is The Festival Collection, which includes a playful eyeshadow palette with unique pairings of colors, including vivid mattes like hot pink, peach and red paired with turquoise and silver shimmers. A coordinating liquid lip duo was also released featuring a deep orange shade and a dark brown shade. Currently an online-only company, Juvia’s Place has developed a loyal following. The brand has been raved about by beauty bloggers, including Nikkietutorials.

If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with more indie cosmetics check out Twitter and expand your YouTube followings. Many small businesses are utilizing social media to reach a larger customer base. Though you might pay a shipping fee, the next time you want to add more color to your collection consider ordering from an indie company. It’s often worth it to try out a new brand and maybe find some new favorite products. Plus, you can feel confident in knowing you’re supporting someone’s passion project.

Photo by: Amaia Rioseco