3 Ways to Incorporate Thrifts Into your Wardrobe

Shopping for the holidays put a serious dent in my bank account. It seemed like this year I had to buy presents for mom, my mom’s mom, my mom’s sister’s neighbor’s friend... you get the picture. All I had left after New Year’s was an empty wallet and a bleak wardrobe.

This year one of my personal goals is to not only save money, but be more environmentally conscious. I’m accomplishing my goal by purchasing more vintage clothes. New clothes emit fossil fuels and waste water when being produced in a factory. Thrift stores offer great clothes at amazing prices, and by shopping at them, you are decreasing your carbon footprint.

This past weekend I went on a thrift store crawl in Allston on the hunt for some new clothes. I started at Urban Renewals, a thrift store with a sassy sign that says, “Low Prices or Dressing Rooms- Our Customers Prefer the Low Prices”. Enough Said. Although I appreciated the affordability of usually expensive items like sweaters and pants, I had no way of knowing if they would fit me without a dressing room. Additionally, Urban Renewals is cash only. Thankfully they have an ATM in the store. Urban Renewals looks like a warehouse with racks and racks of color coordinated shirts, sweaters, pants, and jackets.

After, I briefly stopped at Buffalo Exchange, a hipster chain. Buffalo Exchange is known for having up-to-date clothing with above average prices for a second hand store. They offer money for gently used items, but not much. Buffalo Exchange offers dressing rooms as well as card transactions.

Since I was on both a time and money crunch, I picked out a couple pieces that I knew would fit into my wardrobe (and yours too). Here’s what I found!

Book Owl

Thrifted Items: pullover sweater ($4.99 at Urban Renewals), sunglasses

From my closet: skinny jeans, choker, sneakers, tote bag

I have been looking for a pullover sweater for years, because I love anything with a hood. I finally found one at a cool $4.99 at Urban Renewals. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to go for a ‘Rory Gilmore on the Weekends’ type of casual. I’m cool, but you can also tell I’m smart, you know? My sister had these exact glasses in 2004.

American Dream

Thrifted Items: Flannel ($7.99 at Urban Renewals), Levi’s Jeans (FREE at Garment District)

From my Closet: Graphic Tee, Black Heeled Boots

Although I didn’t buy these jeans this weekend, I could not imagine excluding them from this article. I ‘bought’ these jeans during a By-The-Pound sale at Garment District in Cambridge, MA. All college students were able to take everything they could fit into a plastic bag. None of my friends were lucky, but I managed to scrounge up like-new Levis. I ended up fringing the bottom with scissors and tweezers! I love wearing these jeans with a simple tee and fun earrings.

Prep School Kid

Thrift Items: Green Stretch Cords ($4.99 at Urban Renewals), Chunky Sweater ($11 from Garment District)

From my closet: Converse, Pea Coat, High School Hockey Hat

This outfit reminds of every boy from my east coast high school EVER. The steps to achieving this look include throwing together all the items you would never wear at once, and cross your fingers!

Walking into Urban Renewals I KNEW they would have a crazy amount of corduroy jeans.  I always have a hard time finding cords that fit me, but luckily thrift stores have a wide variety of sizes and fits.