The Hair We Care / by Lillian Cohen

It’s fall. New styles and silhouettes are coming down the runway. The weather is crisp and the sun is still shining on a near-daily basis. And, better yet, the itch to cut your hair from that now dulling spring hairdo is creeping in from the neckline of your favorite tee shirt. But, as the weather cools, it’s important to remember those who don’t necessarily trim their hair by choice, the bare heads in the crowd.

Often times those with cancer or alopecia that are experiencing hair loss can feel insecure in public, not always feeling the self-love associated with our hair that we often take for granted.

In 2018, it’s increasingly important to look into the ethics of all the choices we make in our lives, even haircuts. You donate old clothes, why not donate the hair your stylist is about to throw away?

Here are some charities that help you do just that.

Locks for Love

This charity is primarily for girls with alopecia, a disease that causes sudden hair loss, and children with other forms of medical hair loss. All three times I donated my hair, I cut it using their instructions online.

And despite the rumors, the wigs are free to those who apply to receive them. It takes on average eight to ten ponytails to make a wig, so get all of your friends to join in to get one step closer to a smile on a child’s face. They have a 10 inch minimum, allowing dyed hair so long as it’s not bleached.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

No, Pantene isn’t just a shampoo brand. The company works to distribute wigs for cancer patients with the American and Canadian Cancer Society. Over the last 12 years since the program’s inception, they have provided thousands of wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment.

The minimum length is eight inches of un-dyed hair, and instructions for cutting and sending can be found online, though admissions are only being accepted until December 31st.

Wigs for Kids

These wigs, only donated to kids, requires a minimum of 12 inches of non-dyed hair, favoring 14+ inches, which may be out of reach for someone going from last season’s long cut to this season’s bob. For the person looking for a first-time dramatic cut, this can be perfect. Hairdressers with the required training can be found online through their website.

But, don’t forget about your hair either. Just because you’re doing good, spreading that love, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that new stylish cut. You can have it all.

Here are some stylish new cuts this season to keep your ends updated and better-than-ever.

The Short Bob

Why people always want to cut their hair shorter before it gets cold is a mystery even I get myself wrapped up in, though I don’t understand it. But, with this look already spotted on Greta Lee and Tessa Thompson, the gorgeous chin-length bob will look adorable beneath your hats and scarves in the chilling weather.

Baby Bangs and Layers

This trend already trademarked by Emerson students is here to stay. With Krysten Ritter basically living in them since her Gilmore Girls days, starlets like Emma Watson and Constance Wu even jumped on the look for a bit. Add a fresh pastel shade for a cute dose of sweet in the upcoming bitterly chilly months. Plus some layers for texture and you’re set to go until June.

The Shag Lob

Retro styles are on the rise. A bit longer than the traditional bob, the “lob” (short for long-bob. I know. Clever!) tickles right above your shoulder blades, perfect for those new jackets and sweaters of cooler months. This classic slightly feathered 70s look was seen on Farrah Fawcett and Jane Fonda back in the day. It’s not as drastic as a bob, but still super cute: more recently it’s been my own cut of choice. Alison Brie has been rocking it since her perm from shooting Glow grew out and it looks fantastic.