Light It Up

If there was one thing I would change about myself, it would be my acne. I never go to sleep without doing my nightly skincare routine, and I never leave the house in the morning without thoroughly washing my face, applying toner, and then putting on that sunscreen moisturizer. I'm just trying to glow! So after reading multiple reviews about this neutrogena light up face mask, I’ve decided I am going to try this mask, and document it for 10 days.

Day 1—

I put on the mask, lit up, and ended up on all my friends snapchats for being extra. Besides my moment of fame on social media, after the ten-minute mask was over, my skin felt like it was really working to get rid of this huge pimple on my cheek. We’ll see if it works and if the mountain of nastiness is gone tomorrow! Hopefully it will be, but more realistically I’ll be looking over the next couple days at my acne spots and seeing what’s up.

Day 2—

I woke up in the morning and that really big pimple on my cheek is dried up. I don’t necessarily know if it’s a good dry or a bad dry, but it is no longer sensitive. Later in the evening, when I put the face mask on, I made ramen noodles. I suggest to all the people using this mask not to walk around and do things. I tripped about three times and ended up spilling some precious ramen. I would use this ten minute time period to sit and relax because even though there are holes for your eyes, you can barely see anything.

Day 3—

This morning I woke up and instantly began to inspect that mountain of a pimple on my cheek. To my surprise there was no longer a bump on my face. There was a mark from where the acne was, but it will definitely fade in time. The only new thing is I definitely feel one pimple coming in on my chin, and I’m praying the light mask will make it just go away before it becomes catastrophic.

Day 4—

What I’ve realized is that I no longer get big red acne using this mask (I’m knocking on some wood right now so I don’t jinx myself). I’ve noticed that instead of big pimples I’ve been getting little tiny white heads. I’m hoping the more I use the mask, the more those will go away too, but right now I cannot complain because it looks better and feels better than big red pimples. The acne that has been an ongoing problem continues to dry up and fade, and it is only day 4! WAHOO!

Day 5—

No new pesky pimples on my face, but I’ve realized my skin is drying up a bit. I honestly do not think it’s that bad because I have more than enough moisturizers and it’s drying up my pimples. However, if someone is using this mask and normally has dry skin, I would suggest you get some heavy-duty moisturizers to come to your rescue. In my opinion, I’d rather have dry skin then pimples, but I guess it’s a pick your poison kind of deal.

Day 6—

All my pimples have basically dried up besides the one I have been struggling with since day one it’s like just there and not fading. It’s dry and ugly and I want it gone! Bye bye! Overall, I like the mask a lot and while I think I see a difference, I cannot decide if I see a difference because I want to or because there actually is a difference.

Day 7—

I felt much more confident strutting out of the dorm to my 8am with no makeup this morning (nothing out of the norm, but I definitely felt a difference in confidence levels). It could be all very well be mental, but I feel a shift.

Day 8—

I sat in the dark with the mask on and when my roommate came in the room, she busted out laughing. Apparently not only do you look extra as hell when you wear this mask, but in the dark, you look like a walking disco ball….I also have to admit my mortal sin of the day…I popped that huge pimple on my cheek that wouldn’t go away. I know, I know! I am disappointed in myself too, but now it’ll have the chance to heal and get the hell out of my life for good!                             

Day 9—

Today is a good skin day (kinda). My skin is looking pretty decent, besides that one pimple I popped, but it’s healing and I would guess it’ll be semi-gone by tomorrow. Praise be!

Day 10—

My skin has improved a lot, and I honestly cannot wait to continue using the mask to see what it does for my skin. The monstrosity that I sinfully popped is gone, and I could not be happier! I do feel a big pimple coming in on my chin that is painfully under the surface, but I hope the light mask will work to get rid of that quickly.

I would suggest people who suffer from moderate acne use this mask. If you are one of those girls with perfect skin who still use a twenty step skin care routine for the hell of it, I would honestly say don’t use this. It really does dry out your skin, which is only good if you actually have acne. Anyways, my vote is to light the hell up.