Brows With A Bang

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The unattainable perfect eyebrow eludes us all: strong arch, filled in but not too square and not too round. Like lots of other beauty standards, many of us spend months and years trying to achieve these unrealistic brows when, in reality, each person’s brows are unique and perfect in their own individual way. Once you acknowledge that your brows are never going to be Photoshop perfect on a daily basis, you can open yourself up to the fun of trying out different brow trends, and lately it seems there’s so many interesting ones emerging.

Ever since Cara Delevingne made her model debut, many have been envying her naturally thick brows. Though unconventional, Delevingne shows that bold brows can definitely make for a great look. If you’re not blessed with Delevigne brows that’s totally okay. You can try the look out with the help of a good brow pomade or if you’re serious about this trend try microblading, a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo just for the brows.

Model, Scarlett Costello, is known for her Frida-Kahlo-esque unibrow. Although, she admitted to Teen Vogue she didn’t always love it so much. “I definitely wanted shaped pointy brows when I was 15 or so,” Costello said to Teen Vogue. However, these days her brows have become one of her most notable features.

As your eyebrows literally shape your face, mixing a look up with an out there brow look can totally change your appearance. Recently, unconventional brow looks have been swarming social media.

The feathered brow began making its way across Instagram in April of 2017. Stella Sironen ( posted what is regarded as the first #featherbrow, crediting a friend (@leevitu) with the inspiration. In the photo her brow hairs appear to be split horizontally and combed in different directions. According to Sironen’s post the brows are held with sticks of craft glue.

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As a sort of follow up to feather brows, other outrageous brow trends began to circulate. Squiggle brows captured public attention for a brief laughable minute. Then images of mock braided brows began to circulate. These brows were filled in with different colored brow pencils and contrasting hard and soft lines to give the appearance of a braid in the brow. This brow trend shows immense talent on behalf of the makeup artists, and definitely furthers the idea of makeup as an artform.

If you are looking to glam out your brows without all the skill required of some of these trends, start by experimenting with color. No matter the color of your hair, brightly styled brows are an awesome statement, especially for a music festival or other event. Brow gels come in a wide range of colors for this purpose. Though, as a budget friendly alternative feel free to fill in your eyebrows with your favorite brightly colored eyeshadow.You can even experiment with glitter for an added sparkle. Apply glitter pigment directly to the brow or create a design with a glitter liner to draw attention to your brow look.

Whether your brows are unkempt or blinged out,  rocking it with confidence is essential.

Photography by: Stefan Schmidt

Callie Bisset