Your Things / by Your Magazine

  1. What are six objects that you can't live without and why?
  • A ring that belonged to my Nana. She was my great-grandmother but I knew her very well and she was a pretty badass lady. I feel lucky to have inherited this from her. I’m also surprised that I haven’t lost it yet as I’m very prone to losing things. I like to think that means something.
  • A necklace with an image of what the moon looked like on the day I was born. My mom originally bought one of these necklaces for herself and my sister and I would steal it and wear it even though it wasn’t what the moon looked like on either of our birthdays. So, a couple of Christmases ago, my mom got us each our own. It’s a nice representation of the women in my family.
  • Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug’s autobiography. During the Rio Olympics this summer, along with everyone else, I got into Olympic gymnastics. But then, I got really, really into Olympic gymnastics. To the point where I was up until 4:00 a.m. every night watching vintage elite gymnastics competitions. Kerri Strug is my favorite gymnast (if you don’t know her story, Google it) because she was kind of the underdog and found a lot of success in an unconventional way. Plus, if 14-year-old girls in 1993 could do 8 hours of gymnastics in Houston, Texas with no air conditioning...I can do just about anything.
  • A tongue depressor. I got this during my anatomy and physiology class in my sophomore year and have kept it in my pencil case ever since. I’m a Comm Disorders major, and the depressor is used to examine the mouth and facial structures; a.k.a. basically every CSD kid’s heaven. When I reach for my pencil case it’s a nice reminder that (hopefully) this will all be put to good use and I’ll be seeing real patients one day instead of color coordinating my planner in gel pen.
  • A cat change purse. I love cats. I got this as a gift for my 20th birthday. It fits change but is also conveniently the exact size of a Durex condom. I really hope my parents aren’t reading this.
  • The Naked3 palette. Like every basic bitch, I got this the Christmas it came out. It was a gift from my ex-boyfriend. I use it often and imagine it as being the due he owes me for causing me an entire summer plus half of a Fall semester or so of heartbreak. If you’re reading this Davey, you deserve it. Thanks for the eyeshadow.
  1. What's the most memorable thing you've given someone?

This past Christmas I gave my sister an Atlas clock necklace. She’s spending her first semester of college at Northeastern in Greece, and once she moves to Boston I’ll be graduated and heading to do volunteer work in Africa. It was tough on us when I first moved 6 hours away for school, so we knew this upcoming year would also be difficult. I told her to wear it as a reminder that I love her and think of her no matter what time zone each of us may be in. That sounds horribly cheesy, but she really is the most important person in my life.

Art By: Pimploy Phongsirivech