March Horoscopes

Our managing editor trains his gimlet eye on the future ahead. AQUARIUS

aquariusA rare cosmic arrangement promises money troubles this month. It’s advisable to immediately pay back any debts you owe to friends or family members, and avoid large purchases of any kind.

PISCES piscesYou may be unsettled by strange, vivid dreams this month, Pisces. To combat this, make self-care each morning a priority. A healthy breakfast is a good place to start.

ARIES ariesYour artistic side will suddenly flare up—put it to good use! When not actively creating, consider attending a lecture, film screening, or gallery opening to keep the creative momentum going.

TAURUS TaurusChildren will be of particular significance this month. Should you encounter one, listen to what he or she has to say—even if it sounds nonsensical. Coded in their language are valuable instructions for self­actualization.

GEMINI GEMINIThe planets warn of interpersonal drama. For once, ignoring a problem may be the best way to solve it. Remain optimistic—others will appreciate you for it.

CANCER cancerNow is not a good time for major career decisions. Instead, conserve your mental and physical energy for next month, when a major opportunity will be presented to you.

LEO leoSeveral major revelations—some good, some bad—will be disorienting this month. Reconnect with Mother Nature to regain your equilibrium. Yoga is a good idea.

VIRGO virgoIt’s advisable not to form new friendships at this time. Instead, focus on a friend from whom you have drifted apart. Before going to bed each night, repeat this friend’s name aloud three times. They will hear your message.

LIBRA libraYou may be troubled by a persistent, low­level sense of claustrophobia, Libra. This is your growing mind pushing against its confines. Consider cleaning out your closet—the act will be soothing.

SCORPIO scorpioThe telephone will be of grave significance this month. You may receive a call or calls from an unknown number. Do not—for any reason—answer.

SAGITTARIUS sagittariusA lover from your past will attempt to dredge up old arguments. Remain aloof to their confrontations and tautology—they are simply desperate to right old wrongs. Focus on new relationships.

CAPRICORN capricornThe stars in your constellation will be particularly bright this month, Capricorn, with peak brightness occurring early in the second week. You will be blessed with clarity and insight. How will you put it to use?

Art by Sara Barber Photos by Sophie Peters-Wilson