Ladies, Get Your Head in the Game

Women whose minds wander during sex are less likely to have an orgasm. According to Live Science, one in four women experience difficulty reaching orgasm. To put this into perspective-- if you live in P-Row, it’s likely at least one of your suitemates is not getting that tingly feeling in bed. But this does not mean that there is anything wrong; science tells us that the biggest sexual organ in a woman lies within her head.

“If I want it to have an orgasm too much and I know that I want it too much than I start thinking about how much I need it to happen and I put too much pressure on myself to make it happen, and then it does not happen,” explained Isabel Crabtree ‘18.

Cognitive distraction during sex (or in other words, thinking about the ketchup you put on your french fries at the DH) can inhibit a woman from reaching orgasm. Particularly if a woman is thinking about how her partner is seeing her body, she will be more unlikely to reach the big O. A study published in The Role of Cognitive Distraction on Female Orgasm proved that lack of erotic thoughts during sex was the leading indicator in orgasm difficulties.

“I am too in my head, so often I think about the end result and not what is going on right in the moment,” said Sophie Schoenfeld ‘18. She expressed that she believes that struggles with being in the moment.

“I would like to say one hundred percent that during sex I am thinking about the person I am actually having sex with, but that is a complete and total lie,” said Sophie. “Sometimes I will get stressed and not be able to push those thoughts out of my mind." In contrast to this, men seem to use the method of distraction in order to last longer in bed.

Riley Hillyer ‘18 said, “Sometimes I think about math problems or recite lines from a play in my head so that I don’t finish too quickly.” He thinks by allowing his mind to wander that he has a better shot at pleasing his lady.

A strong way to combat little distractions from trickling into the mind is to make sure that the environment to begin with has little to no distractions whatever that may be. As college students, making sure that a roommate is not going to walk in when you’re in the middle of the throws can relieve a lot of stress.

But the bottom line is: it’s vital to know that if it’s hard to have an orgasm it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You are not broken! So many women think that because they cannot orgasm, it means that they never will. Orgasms are mind over matter. Sometimes the brain can be the biggest cock block of them all.