Happy (belated) new calendar year! In honor of our cultural tradition of choosing one otherwise arbitrary winter day (January 1) to hold our hopes for the future, this month, I present you with a new year kaleidoscope of psychic intuition. Rather than the typical celestial run-down, however, I’ll be giving you beauty-based, intention-setting forecasts for each sign of the Zodiac, ranging from power colors, makeup, and personal style. Soak up these “beautyscopes” and start the year off strong with these stellar looks. Aries

Coming into the new year, there’s a strong energy of knowing that you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, of taking a step back and recognizing that you don’t have to fight to be heard or to be you. This year, dress with authority and power, no matter what look you’re rocking: whether it’s simple, beautiful cuts, dramatic colours, or matching unexpected patterns and fabrics together. You don’t let anyone—not even fashion editors or magazines—tell you what to do or dress like. Aries dresses for no one but themselves. You set the trends—you don’t follow them.



Your need for stability and safety often extends to what you wear. In no way does this mean your style is boring—what people feel safe in is different for everyone, whether it’s a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or the most glamorous dress you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Whatever your particular brand of “safe” is, you tend to gravitate towards softer, more feminine cuts. Something luminous and flowing, reminiscent of water and Cancer’s ruler, the moon. Taking extra time this year on your appearance will be like treating yourself, and help cleanse you from the outside in.



This month is filled with adventure, and you might have your eyes on the prize—to your credit, though, you almost always do. Capricorn’s look is always put-together, understated, elegant, and functional—yet you always know how to put a fresh twist on the classic shapes you love. Your love of historical things makes vintage clothing, jewelry, or accessories a natural choice, and you love mixing them with modern pieces for a dynamic look. Neutral colours give you comfort and provide you the least amount of distractions from whatever goal you’re working on. You always know how to dress perfectly for whatever situation, which will always put you a step ahead of everyone else.



This month, think about the balance between giving and receiving energy. As a Virgo, stylistically, you’re more a minimalist than anything. You love your pieces to be productive, multifunctional, and to last you through several seasons. Even so, each piece has an edge—you’re able to pull off looks that are low-key yet meticulous, magnetic, and unforgettable. And in the spirit of balance: crystals provide a kind of metaphor here for how we charge and drain our energy when we aren’t paying attention to ourselves and our needs. Crystal jewelry can be petite, classic, and depending on which color you go for, can match anything and everything—and add that extra oomph to an outfit.



When I think of the world clarity, I think of a love match between an idea and your intuition. You know that point of inspiration when you’ve had an idea of what you’d like to do, and within you there’s energy, passion, and you feel crystal clear and excited? That’s your energy for the new year. Simplicity is next to Godliness for you. You prefer things clean, fitted, and earthy. Though you may not always feel it, you prefer to look effortless and natural—focused and perfect. You enjoy spending wisely and practically by investing in quality pieces that last. Just remember: don’t get so caught up in perfection that you forget what feels good.



This year got off to a faster start than you thought it would, and perhaps faster than you’re comfortable with. One thing I find is that if we feel really busy, we often feel that time seems to go by faster because we say we don’t have time to do everything. But being ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, one thing you’ll always have time for is looking your best. This year, especially these next few months, take your time when getting glam—it’s your time to come into yourself and focus, and release the pressure of your daily life. Getting ready in the morning or to go out is like a ritual for you, artfully arranging yourself into the perfectly fit, clean-cut dress that proudly accentuates all your dips and curves. If “your body is your temple” fits anyone, it’s you. You settle for nothing but the best for it—working on yourself is like working on a masterpiece.



You kicked off the new year with an adventurous state of mind, and I want to talk about manifesting—what it is and how we do it, to get these things we really want. Manifesting is a three step process: intention, action, and letting go. All you have to do is have an idea of what you want, and apply it to your life. Then, take action to make it so. Then surrender. Let go and try not to obsess about the outcome. Give it space to breathe. You have this kind of effect in the clothes you wear and how you present yourself, too—it’s almost like magic, the way you dress. You easily find inspiration and beauty from places other people overlook, making vintage and DIY pieces perfect for you. You have such an eclectic way of putting pieces together that when people see you, they think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” You can see an otherwise ordinary piece and transform it into something extraordinary and transcendent. You have an idea of what it could be and you make it happen. Then, you show it to the world. That’s why fashion comes so easily to you—you understand that it’s fleeting. You flow with its tides and let it breathe.



You can be quite judgemental of yourself, often pressuring yourself to be EVERYTHING. In the upcoming months, start with a really committed sense of being a better friend to you. You’re happiest and at your least judgemental when you’re on the go and have something to do, so focus on having fun and being yourself. To help you on your journeys, you love unpretentious clothing that allows ease. You don’t have time for complicated pieces or inconvenient fabrics. You prefer your clothing the way you prefer most things in life; casual, chic, and effortless.



Aquarians aren’t well known for caring what other people think of them. But the truth is, everyone worries over that at one time or another. This year, I want you to step out of a place where you’ve felt downtrodden or overly concerned about what people may think. Stick to your roots: you’re independent and innovative, and the way you dress fits the bill. As an Aquarian, dressing yourself is a natural form of self-expression, and the way you refuse to slavishly follow fashion rules says a lot about you and what you value (or don’t value). You mix styles together, weird prints, bright, neon colors—you exude attitude and confidence. Traditional looks make you feel stuffy and confined. You’re not overly concerned with trend-setting, but you do it anyway; some may find your looks strange or shocking at first, but later will copy your every move.



For a Leo it might be easy to feel like you have to put on a brave face, but if you decide to admit that you’re worried about something, no one’s going to run away in shock and disgust. They’ll probably just say, “Me too!”, which is one of the most powerful moments we can give someone. It’s with this energy that I want you to approach not only the upcoming weeks, but the way you dress—embrace every part of yourself. Even when you feel weak or broken, go out and dress to the nines. Leo has no patience for anything done half-heartedly, and that includes fashion (even when you’re feeling a bit half-hearted yourself). When you dress yourself, you like to dress glamorously and royally—whether that means showering yourself in jewels or dressing in bold, bright colours that leave zero doubt as to who’s in charge, everyone has a different perception as to what makes them feel strong. But remember: just because you feel weak one day doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the integrity of your self-expression. Leo is all about self-expression. Don’t let your occasional fear of standing out keep you from shining the way you do naturally. Your weakness is what makes you human—showing it makes you strong.



This year’s energy is celebratory. There’s another side to this energy though, when you’re not feeling so fun. Recently you may have been looking at other people, thinking, Are they more fun than me? Everyone’s doing cool things, am I doing cool things? What ARE cool things? It’s funny how we think ourselves into a panic about what we enjoy. The new year is an invitation to let yourself be silly and play, and what better way to start than with fashion? As a Gemini, if something isn’t fun, you’re not interested. You’re not the kind to wear the same thing twice, and you’re straight up masterful when it comes to accessories. You can mix and match with the best of ‘em, turning a good outfit into a great one with your expert styling. You never quite know what you’ll take out of your closet next—and neither does anyone else. Mixing prints, bright colours, and different styles is your thing—and you pull it off effortlessly.

Photos by Daniel Clemens and Delia Curtis