Beauty on a Budget

Sometimes you run out of your favorite dry shampoo or your awesome frizz fighting spray. However, if you’re in a rush and out of your favorite product, then you’re also out of luck. But fear not, there’s some bizarre products right in your dorm or apartment that can do the trick. These products work great not only in a pinch, but also on a  budget.

Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets

It may be strange to think of laundry products for your hair, but give it a try. Those dryer sheets your mom made you buy can actually come in handy for your frizz. Since static causes most frizz, the static-fighting powers of any dryer sheet will combat that awful frizz.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

If there’s still some flyaways left after you’ve used a dryer sheet, there’s another product for that. Though summer’s over and you’ve probably stashed away your aloe, pull it back out! Aloe vera gel works great for keeping those small hairs in place. Just be careful when applying—a little goes a long way.

Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters

Brewing your morning coffee can also save your face from oil buildup. Just take one clean coffee filter and cut it up—one filter can make enough oil blotting sheets for a week. Take each sheet you cut out and simply blot or pat at your face. The properties of the coffee filter allow it to soak up the oil on your face quickly and effectively.



Excess oil in your hair can result in a bad hair day. But with a little cornstarch, you can work the same magic as expensive drugstore sprays do. Simply rub a little bit of cornstarch at your roots and brush it out. If you’re a brunette, you can even color the cornstarch with a little bit of cocoa powder mixed in. Your hair will smell like chocolate and you can’t go wrong with that.



Perfumes make everyone smell a lot nicer, but what’s not nice is how fast some perfumes can wear off. A quick fix is rubbing a little bit vaseline on your wrists before applying perfume. Because vaseline blocks air and water, the perfume is able to keep you smelling great for a lot longer.

Flat Iron

Hair straightener

If you’re stuck with a wrinkly blouse and no iron, your hair straightener can come in handy. Take the flat iron, set it to its lowest heat, and flat iron those wrinkles right out of your clothes. This is a great fix for denim, cotton, and other sturdy fabrics, but leave the delicate silks or linens out of the flat iron. You've got flat hair and clothes for the price of one!

Illustrations by Pimploy Phongsirivech