Top off Your Perfect Fall Outfit

Photo by Chris Garcia and Lindsey McFadden Fall is the best time to experiment with different hat styles.

Fall is arguably the best season for fashion. Everyone thinks of sweaters, combat boots, plaid, and scarves. However, what it comes to accessorizing, we shouldn’t forget about hats. I personally used to not care about hats because I felt they ruined a good hair day. It wasn’t until I took the risk and wore a hat that I realized how they can complement an outfit.

My favorite hat is a wide-brimmed hat: a mix between of a fedora and a sun hat.  It shields your face from any sunlight and keeps the head warm. The floppy details of the hat frame the face nicely. Combining the two is a match made in heaven. If you’re not a fan of floppy hats, try a black beret. It gives a spin to an outfit because a beret adds a fancy vintage addition to a look. What I love about a beret is that it can be styled to the side and slouchy but is still sophisticated. I chose black because it goes with most outfits and is perfect for grungy fall style.

A nice mix between a beret and a winter hat is the pink and white woven design. The knit is a nice transition to the colder winter season—the light pink connects to the pastel colors of the spring and summer, while the white neutralizes the look.

The beanie is a crowd favorite, probably because it frames the face and is perfect for the cold weather. Beanies are comfortable, while making any outfit more relaxed. When fall is about to end and winter begins, an amazing hat to wear is one with a pom pom on top. One of my hats has nice red and orange accents, the color of changing leaves. The white is a great color that frames most skin tones without being too much of a contrast. The white color being more prominent calms the red and orange accents. Also the braided pieces give it texture that mix with your hair.

However, if you want a warm hat that is also adorable, wear a hat with little animal ears on top, like cat and bear ears. Many people have a tough time finding a way to look feminine during the fall, so animal ears are a good accessory option to achieve a cute look.

If a hat is tighter on your head then a neutral color close to your skin tone will be the most complementary. Or a color that suits you will  help you glow from within. Warm colors and face framing are necessary for achieving your best look for fall.