Coolidge Corner Theatre's Horror Movie Marathon


College should be the prime scene for Halloween festivities, especially at Emerson. After all, the student body has catalogues of knowledge concerning films, music, theater, television, and pop culture. However, unless you know the whereabouts of a party or the tenacity to trick or treat in Beacon Hill (not recommended, swarms of children), Halloween may seem begrudgingly open-ended. But have no fear (or have some fear, if that's what you’re into), because the hidden gem of All Hallows’ Eve is at Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Coolidge Corner Theatre is in Brookline, MA and proudly runs independently and not-for-profit. It has been treating artsy moviegoers since 1933 with a mission to “entertain, inform and engage” all patrons. This Halloween is no different. For the past fifteen years, Coolidge has been having a spooky and fantastical movie marathon in celebration of the scariest time of year. It is a twelve hour long party that will showcase Halloween II, Trick ‘r Treat and some surprise films.

In total, there are six movies that will be sure to frighten you, but there will also be live entertainment and prizes to mellow out. Dressing up in costumes will guarantee a chance to win prizes, and the local band Dust Witch will be opening the night. If you haven’t heard of Dust Witch, check out their playlists on their bandcamp or Facebook page. The band members (Tyler Gorman, Gabriel Chicione, Alex Hornbeck, Jay Majerowski) describe their sound as: “Synthesized progressive sounds versed in the analog days -- or the soundtrack to 1980's lost horror movies.” Seems like a perfect fit!

For non-members, just seeing the double feature is $20 and the full-fledged marathon is $25. If you are in the mood for a crazy, electrifying evening to celebrate Halloween, then this annual tradition at Coolidge Corner Theatre is the place to be!

A&ELaura CafassoComment