Enjoy a Cold Treat at Amorino Gelato

Spring had reluctantly sprung in Boston, so I headed out to enjoy the warm weather. Shopping my way down Newbury Street, I decided to stop at Amorino for a cold treat. I opened the door of the tiny café and my eyes widened, devouring the enticing display of creamy gelato. Perfectly whipped, it rested in large tubs inside a glass freezer. Like a child, I leaned over the clear case, mouth watering, trying to decide what flavors to choose.

Once I’d announced my order, a woman wrapped in a black apron with a matching chef’s hat, scooped out dollops of decadent chocolate and smooth raspberry. Grasping a waffle cone with one hand, she brushed the gelato along its edges, shaping red and brown petals out of my chosen flavors. I smiled as I took the cone from her, hesitating a moment before licking up one of the petals. The raspberry and chocolate melted in my mouth, as though I’d just bit into a rich chocolate truffle. I closed my eyes to better savor the taste. This was just what I needed.

Amorino’s Italian Gelato made its way to Boston on March 26, when owner Léa Sasportes set up shop in Back Bay. Located on 249 Newbury Street, the small shop has seating for around twenty in a warm café setting. It’s the perfect place to escape from the summer heat by grabbing a cone with friends. The intimate setting is also great for sharing a cup of gelato with a loved one.

The Boston location features twenty-three gelato varieties plus one specialty flavor each month. The store also sells a variety of teas, frappés, macarons, waffles, crêpes, breakfast items, and, in the warmer months, granitas, or Italian ice. But their signature flower-shaped scoop is a must for any first time buyers.

Although this store may be the first time many have tasted Amorino, this Newbury newcomer has a history as rich as its gelato. In 2002, childhood friends Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi opened the first Amorino in the heart of Paris on Ile St. Louis. In an effort to produce the best Italian gelato, Sereni and Benassi sought out natural and organic ingredients from reputable suppliers and oversaw every step of production.

Instantly, their product was a hit, and their shop became a hotspot during the Parisian summers. Stores began popping up all throughout the city, and today there are a total of fifty-six stores throughout France. Eventually, Amorino reached beyond French borders, establishing locations in a number of different European countries like Italy, Spain, and England.

More recently, Amorino has taken up roots in the United States, opening two stores in New York in 2011. Currently, there are six U.S. locations, with Boston being the newest addition, and Chicago planning to join the ranks in the coming months.

Even as the chain has traveled overseas, its emphasis on natural products and careful production remain at the forefront of the company. Founders Sereni and Benassi ensure their gelato is churned daily in a traditional Italian fashion under the watchful eye of trained chefs. The recipes they use allow the gelato to mature slowly, letting the flavor reach its full potential. The combination of fresh free range organic eggs with the highest grade whole milk and the deletion of coloring agents and artificial flavors, keeps Amorino’s gelato wholly authentic and absolutely delicious.

In order to ensure this quality in each of their shops, locally and internationally, Amorino has their products shipped to its stores. This way, customers can enjoy the same quality of gelato no matter where they decide to buy.

The Newbury Street location is open from 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. daily, with extended hours on the weekend. This authentic and delectable Italian gelato is sure to prove an irresistible summer treat.