Groupon: Your Unlikely Source for Cool Sex Toys

IMG_1644 People love finding a deal. People also love sex! While the two seem completely unrelated, one company is bringing them to the same place for the ultimate consumer experience, and it's not who you might suspect.

Scrolling through the items featured on Groupon, you'll find an endless list of, well, stuff, at really low prices. Anything from noise-canceling headphones to Egyptian cotton sheets; a discounted dinner for two or even cheap vacations. But what may not be as well known is that Groupon has a wildly vast selection of sex-toys and related products.

Some magicians might pull a rabbit out of their hats, but that doesn't even come close to the amount of people who can now afford to pull rabbits out of their top drawers. Over 55,000 people have purchased an Oh Naughty brand rabbit vibrator from Groupon for 80% off retail price between the two styles available. And if that doesn't satisfy, Groupon offers a wide selection of items, including a waterproof suction-cup dildo, a remote controlled, vibrating anal plug, and various types of mini clitoral vibrators.

The fun doesn't stop there. What seems to be gaining popularity on Groupon are male strokers, or what are considered handheld "tunnels" that resemble various bodily orifices. Vulcan, a popular Chinese manufacturer of masturbation toys, features strokers for under $13 that emulate either vaginal, anal, or oral pleasure. Other items for phallic use include multi-sized "c-rings" and enlarging systems.

There are plenty of couples (or groups) that like to employ devices while being active. Groupon has something for them as well. They recently sold out of their "deluxe bedroom restraint kit" that came with padded cuffs and a blindfold; making over 10,000 customers (extremely) happy. Those who can't get their hands on (or restrained by) that can still get fun stuff, like the locking suction footrest for shower sex, vibrating panties, adjustable nipple clamps, or one of the popular harness dildos, be it a single or double.

Adding new deals every day, Groupon offers something for everybody. No matter where you use them, Groupon is ready to fill the space with excellent products at even better prices.