Say It With Roses

Photo by Yuki Kitazumi on Flickr. Planning on purchasing roses for a friend or lover this Valentine’s Day? You’re one of many. A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found that 37.8 percent of Americans will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, spending a total of $2.1 billion. While red roses are traditional for romantic partners, roses come in many other colors as well. If you want to send a specific message, choose your color carefully. Here are the traditional meanings behind popular hues.

Red: Love & Romance

The red rose has ties to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Pink: Love, Gratitude, & Appreciation

Darker pink roses are associated with gratitude and appreciation, while lighter pinks symbolize gentleness and admiration.

Yellow: Friendship, Joy, & Good Health

Yellow roses send a message of platonic love without the romantic implications of other colors.

Orange: Enthusiasm & Passion

Orange roses bridge the gap between friendship (symbolized by yellow roses) and love (represented by red roses).

White: Marriage, Spirituality, & New Starts

Formal and elegant, white roses historically symbolized innocence and purity.

Purple: Enchantment & Majesty

The lavender rose is a sign of love at first sight.



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