5 Emersonians You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram markets itself  as “a new way to see the world.” Emerson students are taking full advantage of the photo app to share the world through their own personal lense: whether they focus on food, fashion, photography, concerts, or even selfies. Your Mag found five Emersonians whose Instagrams are must-follows, due to their unique, interesting, and yummy looking content.

Meredith Barry @meredith_barry


“I think of my Instagram profile as a way for me to show the world through my eyes,” says Emerson senior Meredith Barry. For Barry this includes a lot of food photography. Her profile showcases food ranging from golden chocolate muffins to PB&J thumbprint breakfast cookies to homemade pizza. Her food shots are scrumptious looking and will make you wonder where you can get some. And you can, as the Emersonian cooking connoisseur posts her delicious recipes on her blog marinatewithmeredith.com and stars on her own Emerson Channel show Marinate with Meredith.

Worried that even with Barry’s recipes you won't be a hit in the kitchen? Barry offers the advice, “don't be intimidated by cooking. You've been eating food your whole life and you know how you like things to taste. Trust your tongue and give cooking a try!”

David Weiner @david_concert


Emerson junior David Weiner has been shooting concert photography for years: first for a Kansas radio station, then for Emertainment Monthly, and as a freelance gig. Now, he also showcases his concert shots on Instagram.

“I made an Instagram for my concert photography this past November so that I could share the shots I was getting with the bands I was shooting,” says Weiner.

Weiner’s Instagram displays plenty of crowd shots along with close-up musician candids. His Instagram is perfect for any music lover, and if you can’t find your favorite band on his Instagram, his website davidjweiner.format.com showcases even more shots.

Grayson Kohs @graykohs


The Instagram of Emerson sophomore Grayson Kohs is filled with eye-catching photography, that’s all shot from his iPhone. Kohs’ Instagram content is what you call iPhoneography: the trend of creating photos on one’s iPhone which has quickly grown, even among professional photographers, since 2007.

Most of Kohs’ photos are a classic black and white, but are occasionally contrasted by bright and vivid shots that radiate with color.

Kohs credits the black and white motif to the editing process. “I have a workflow of apps I use to edit, and most of my photos are in black and white because I can push them more without getting noticeable grain or noise,” says Kohs.

The content of his photography has a large range: including scenery shots, concert candids, on-set snapshots and video clips. These on-set snapshots and  video clips capture a passion of Kohs: film.  More of Kohs’ film and photo content can be viewed on his website graysonkohs.com.

Kavita Shah @kianopav

What makes Emerson sophomore Kavita Shah’s Instagram so interesting is the way in which she captures texture. Whether it be brick walls, sidewalk grates, old trash barrels, or aged trees Shah captures beautiful textures that are often overlooked in everyday life.

Even more inspiring is Shah’s commentary on her shots making statements such as, “grey skies today are making everything stand out more prominently than usual: colors, frustrations, realities. It reminds me of the way rust cracks open painted metal, unearthing layers from the past that are, at times, better left concealed.”

Brittany Schoelkopf @bbrittaannyy


Emerson freshman Brittany Schoelkopf’s favorite thing to photograph is the beach, which isn’t surprising since looking at her  Instagram is like visiting a SoCal beach. The California native’s Instagram is full of beautiful shots of west coast sand, sun, and surf. The sunny shots will keep you going through the harsh Boston winters, and will give any Emersonian planning on the LA program something to look forward to.