YM December Launch Party Presents Student Talent

lands_band2 We're so pumped to bring to you our December 2014 print issue at our launch party event! We also can't wait to jam to these talented student musicians who will be performing for us tonight. Read on to see what they're all about.


Singer-songwriter Cedric Jackson II is well known for his soul filled performances. Mixing it up between meaningful covers and self-written songs, Cedric’s music choices often reflect his life experiences of battling adversity.

After performing Silent Night at the age of five in front of one of the mega churches in Dallas, Cedric knew he wanted to pursue a career in music. Over the years, he’s performed in Texas, Florida, California, and Washington D.C.

He listens to Tank, Mali Music, Kenyon Dixon, Kim Burrell, and The Walls. The great soul singer Marvin Gaye is a vital source of inspiration for Cedric. Gaye’s music drives Cedric to rise to greater heights. He is also currently inspired by Bilal, who along with Cedric, was involved in Berklee's Marvin Gaye Tribute concert.

His goal is to leave an audience inspired, filled with hope and a desire to hear more from him.

Cedric currently attends Berklee College of Music and is originally from Dallas, TX. Learn more about Cedric and listen to his music on Youtube and Sound Cloud.




Colby Ewatuya’s jazz music is best compared to a cup of tea; it can either be mellow or really get you going. After performing standards for the past two years, Colby intends to start creating songs of his own soon. He first became interested in music at age nine after watching his classmates sing cute songs in choir during holiday and year-end school concerts.

Born with sickle cell anemia, Colby couldn't be an active child, but found that being a musician was a good option for him to make money and have fun at the same time.

The singer has been obsessed with Beyoncé since the age of four, but is currently captivated with artist Kimbra. Colby loves the way she layers her music and forces an audience to think more in-depth about her tunes.

Colby is from Dallas, TX and is currently studying vocal jazz at Berklee College of Music. Listen to his enchanting vocals by searching his name on Youtube or visiting his SoundCloud page below:




If you like big bands that can stank it up and have you shaking your ass, then the ten piece funk-jazz band Lands is for you. Only performing for three months now, the band realized after a few jam sessions, how damn hot their sound actually was. To put it bluntly, Lands has the groove and the funk.

An entirely freshmen band at Berklee College, Lands is made up of students from across the globe. Currently working to write and perform their own originals, Lands likes to cover other tunes but with their own groovy twist.

They have performed only one other time at a Battle of the Bands which they won, despite not having any fans or friends in the audience.

The band currently listens to music that catches people’s attention, like Snarky Puppy, Robert Glasper Experiment, Bad Rabbits and Lettuce. If they could describe their band as one drink it would be Sex on the Beach.

You can keep up to date with Lands by looking them up on Youtube, SoundCloud and on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lands.band.boston


Members: Anna Malee – Vocals, Charlie Feig - Trumpet, Clement Duchene - Alto Sax, Kyle Zimmerman - Tenor Sax, Blayke Phillips - Bari Sax, Wojtek Deregowski – Drums, Jake Ferrini - Electric Bass, Daniel Lennon – Guitar, Henry Godfrey – Percussion, Dylan Stephenson - Keys