The Hidden Gems of Christmas Movies

Christmas classics are classics for a reason; they have withstood the test of time due to their emotional and entertaining appeal. Yet, rewatching the same classics can get tiring year after year. This holiday season, find some hidden gems that lurk in the late-night early morning hours all during December or the ones that find themselves forgotten over time. Rudolph-and-frostys-christmas-in-july-14


Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July (1979) This stop-motion crossover television film features Frosty and Rudolph, two favorite Christmas characters. Milton, an ice-cream man from Lily Loraine's Circus by the Sea, asks Rudolph and Frosty to star in the circus to attract the heart of his girlfriend (and Lily's daughter), Lainie. Frosty agrees after him and his family receive magic amulets that they will keep them from melting until the July fireworks. Trouble arises for him and Rudolph, though, as a snowstorm in July stops Santa from picking them up.

Jack Frost (1979) Everybody knows who Jack Frost is, but few know the tale of the creator of winter. In this stop-motion movie, Jack Frost falls in love with a human girl named Elisa. Jack asks Father Winter if he can become human in order to be with Elisa. He agrees on the condition that Jack has to create a successful life for himself  by earning a house, a horse, a bag of gold, and a wife by the first sign of spring. Complications arise for Jack though as Kubla Kraus, an evil King, and Sir Ravenal, a knight, intervene.

Live Action

Snowglobe (2007) In this ABC Family made-for-TV movie Angela loves Christmas, but sadly her family doesn’t share her spirit. Upon receiving a snow globe in the mail and shaking it, Angela is transported into the snow globe where everyone loves Christmas. Angela learns how to transport back and forth between the worlds, but eventually finds herself stuck in the snow globe. This movie is lighthearted and slightly cheesy, making it the perfect Christmas guilty pleasure.

Jack Frost (1998) Jack Frost’s life revolves around his music, causing him to be a somewhat absent father. Yet, Jack has a realization and ditches his music gig to go take his son Charlie on a previously promised trip. The horrible winter weather causes Jack to crash though and he passes away. The next year, Charlie makes a snowman that resembles his father, and eventually Jack is animated into that snowman. The father and son pair hash out their relationship and finally connect in this heartfelt Christmas must watch.

Movies You Forget Are About Christmas

Little Women (1994) Many people don’t associated Little Women with the holiday season, yet the film is full of the holiday spirit as it shows the importance of family and the spirit of giving. The film follows the March sisters, all with very different personalities, and their mother starting with the trouble they face with their father gone in the Civil War and then the tribulations of growing up.

The Holiday (2006) The Holiday, a Christmas themed romantic comedy, follows two women whom after disastrous relationship blunders decide to switch houses over the holiday season in order to get away. Iris goes to Amanda’s house in LA, and Amanda to Iris’ cottage in England: both finding love over the holidays in their new locations.

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