The 5 Best Travel Mugs in Existence

With cool winter weather approaching, hot chocolate, hot coffee, and tea are must-haves to warm up. Yet, with busy schedules, having time to sit down and sip a hot cup of Joe in the morning is almost impossible. Instead, pick up a fabulous travel mug, or even get one for a friend in need in order to make life on-the-go easier and caffeine-filled. 1) Camera Lens Mug


Perfect for lovers of photography, this mug keeps your nice morning cup of coffee steaming hot in a replica Canon camera lens. It includes a cap for when you’re on the go.  

2) Impress Coffee Brewer


Running a little late? Don’t have time to stop at the nearby Dunkin's or make your own cup of joe? The Impress Coffee Brewer from the Gamila Company is perfect for making a quick cup of coffee on the go, as the travel mug can brew your coffee for you. In just three minutes the Impress will have made you an individual 14 ounce cup of coffee, and then keep it hot for hours.

3) Perfect Cup Tea Infuser


Coffee isn’t the only beverage you can individually brew and make on the move. The 12 ounce Perfect Cup Tea Infuser from Aladdin allows you to have tea anytime; all you need is hot water and loose leaf tea. The Aladdin will both lower and raise the loose leaf tea basket, making cleanup easy.

4) Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug


This retro style travel mug not only has the appearance of a 60s hot rod, but also plugs into your car cigarette lighter to keep your morning beverage hot all day long: perfect for the commuter.

5) Mondo Memo Mug


The Mondo Memo Mug not only packs a whopping 24 ounces to keep you going all day long, but also has a writable surface that helps you remember must-do’s of the day. The mug has a handle that doubles as a Sharpie holder and a no smudge surface, meaning your message won’t smudge away until washed with warm water and soap.