Watsky Coming to Boston on Friday

Photo courtesy of Eleanor Stills Emerson alum George Watsky will be performing at House of Blues this Friday on his “All You Can Do” tour, named after his latest album.

Watsky released All You Can Do in August of this year. He’s been on tour since mid-September, which kicked off in Copenhagen, but is making his way back to the east coast this week. The album, dedicated to his parents, keeps up with the classic fast-flowing lyrics that Watsky fans know and love. These words are sure to entertain and provoke thought all at the same time. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,” probably the biggest hit off the album, keeps you in a trance from start to finish. Watsky started off as a slam poet and made his national debut when he won the Brave New Voices Poetry Slam in 2006, and this is always obvious throughout his lyrics. “Never Let it Die” from All You Can Do shows off his strong poetic abilities, with lyrics like “carry the spark as we're marching into the darkness/ I don't care if they're marking where they bury my carcass,” and “You want that early worm? Be the determined sparrow/ Flying in loops around the sternest scarecrow/ Once cupid hit me with his burning arrow/ He lit the lava in my churning marrow.” Watsky’s confidence and finesse shines through in all of the songs on his album, not disappointing or straying from the Watsky that listeners have come to see in his former albums like Cardboard Castles or Watsky.

Watsky’s performance on the tour thus far has not been disappointing for already-fans that may like his older music more than his latest album. While the tour stop is sure to feature a lot of his songs from All You Can Do, stops like Houston got throwback Watsky hits like “IDGAF” and “4 AM Monday.” Though the show is in just a few days away, floor tickets are still available, starting at $23.20.