Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Photo via Pinterest The thought of stepping outside in the bitter cold makes it hard to get out of bed for those early morning classes. However, the addition of a few key pieces to your wardrobe will keep you nice and warm this winter without compromising style.

Sweaters Find yourself a go to sweater for this season. Choose something comfortable, soft, and warm to throw on over everything. Wool offers the most warmth, while a fuzzy material will add more charm to any look. Cropped sweaters pair well with high waisted jeans while long ones are great to layer over a pair of leggings. Find a fabric and cut that works for you, and it will make getting dressed for the cold a breeze.

Layering Pieces Pile on those layers before heading out into the cold this winter. Good layering pieces to invest in are leggings and plain fitted long sleeve tees because they can be worn as an underneath layer for added warmth. Knit cardigans are great pieces to layer under your coat for extra warmth, and can be removed easily if you get overheated indoors.

Scarves Scarves are essential to keep warm in the cold winter wind. Knit infinity scarves are great to throw on over a plain sweater as they keep you toasty and accessorize your outfit at the same time. This season we’ll also be seeing more of the maxi scarf. Zara makes several of these versatile scarves that spice up any outfit whether it is draped over a plain coat or wrapped closely around your body.

Tights You don’t have to forego those cute dresses and skirts this winter if you wear them over a pair of fleece lined tights. They are a necessary addition to your winter wardrobe to keep your legs from freezing while you’re out and about. These tights, which can be found at Urban Outfitters, can also be layered under pants and jeans for those extra chilly days.

Boots This winter, invest in a good sturdy pair of boots that will last all season. Leather boots are the most durable and offer the most protection against the elements, and Dr. Martens are a popular choice that will stand up to the harsh winter weather. Chelsea boots, riding boots, and combat boots will also do the same as long as they have a sole with good traction.

Gloves Keep your fingers nice and toasty with a good pair of gloves. A pair designed to be used with a touchscreen will allow you to still use your smartphone while outside, so your fingers won’t freeze while you send that text message.