Keytar Bear Is Playing a Show Tonight

Photo via We Love Keytar Bear Boston has many quirky mascots: the late Mayor Menino, the Red Sox's Wally the Green Monster, the new Edgar Allen Poe statue, and now, Keytar Bear is gaining momentum.

This wacky mute grizzly, who says he must remain anonymous, plays jazzy, electric beats to-go at various T stops, where fans can leave tips. The “keytar”, or piano-guitar, is his only accompaniment, but the inventive instrument covers all the instrumental bases. Thanks to Keytar Bear’s dexterous paws, he can create new riffs within the songs. Now, he’s set to appear at Middle East in Cambridge, where he’ll be playing a tonight, November 3.

Keytar Bear, or “KTB” as he addresses himself to fans on Facebook, says the goal of wearing the costume and protecting his identity “...remains the kill racism in my own way.” We must not know how old he is, what ethnicity he is...for all we know, Keytar Bear might even be female. She-tar bear!

Amazingly, KTB has survived two separate knife attacks and robberies, the first occurring in May, after which his followers spurred a massive fundraiser concert at the Middle East, and the most recent one happening on October 29 of this year, just five days before this show. When asked about how he’s coping, Keytar Bear simply says “I’m the happiest person alive.”

“As for the show, well, I’m humbled that the Middle East considered me and I will do my best to please the crowd the same I would at 6:30 a.m. on a busy public place.”

It looks like this pawed player is beyond prepared to prowl out onto the stage.

KTB plays the likes of Rick James, Michael Jackson, and Bruno Mars, but he could not divulge what sliding tunes he is set to play.

The Middle East is located at 480 Massachusetts Avenue. The show is at 9:00 p.m. Middle East is a 21 and over club.