Active Minds Sparking Dinner Table Conversation

Active_Minds_Impact The Emerson chapter of Active Minds is having a fundraiser in which winners will dine with President Pelton in his Beacon Hill home. Talk about a conversation starter.

Active Minds is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing student awareness of mental health issues, providing information and resources regarding mental illness, and bridging the gap between students and mental health professionals. Your Mag profiled the organization when it first launched at Emerson in 2012.

“The college experience shouldn't be complicated by society's inability to deal with mental health concerns,” said Active Minds president Ashley Cunningham, a junior Marketing Communications major. “Knowledge about mental health saves lives.”

According to Cunningham, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students and many mental health disorder symptoms arise during young adulthood. Active Minds hopes to help.

For every $10 that you donate to the group, you will be entered to win two "tickets" to President Pelton's home for dinner on November 20th. There will be a total of five winners. Every winner will be allowed to bring one date with them to Pelton's personal dinner table.

The deadline to be entered for this opportunity is November 14th.

You can donate here: