Everything about autumn is oversized: thick knit sweaters, chunky leather boots, and scarves that go on for miles. The chilly November winds mean that along with those year-round handbag staples—a few tubes of lipstick, sunglasses, a very tiny mirror and anywhere from four to eight bobby pins—fall may also require room in that bag for a wool floppy hat, a pair of leather gloves, the shoes that you actually want to wear when you get wherever you’re going, and even an extra pair of knee high socks for emergencies.So with all of these seasonal must-haves, when it comes to choosing the quintessential, end-all-be all of handbags the bigger, the better. This season, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Kate Spade and others have answered your autumn prayers and put an end to your too-much-to-carry woes with structured doctor’s bags, satchels and bowling bags all big enough to fit your kitchen sink and an outfit change or two. Free up your hands this fall with totes, carry–alls, and high-end duffle bags that can handle whatever your seasonal wardrobe throws at (in) them.