Green Smoothies: A Tasty Step Up From Green Eggs and Ham Everyone knows that they're supposed to eat their fruits and vegetables. Mom and Dad have harped on us for as long as we can remember to eat our broccoli and to finish our peas. But the rules of nutrition have changed.

You no longer have to get all of your nutrients from a hunk of green vegetables on your plate. A great way to get everything you need with a great taste is by drinking a green smoothie.

Green smoothies are made up of a healthy combination of leafy greens and fruits. By blending up these fruits and vegetables, you get the opportunity to mask the taste of a vegetable that you may not like while still getting all of the nutrients from it. Take apples and bananas, for example. They're great at covering up the taste of kale, which is packed with vitamins A and C but doesn’t really have a pleasant taste

The key to a yummy and healthy green smoothie is to get the right balance of leafy greens and fruit. An easy trick to creating the perfect green smoothie is to stick to this formula: 2 cups of leafy greens, 2 cups liquid base, and 3 cups of ripe fruit. You can mix up just about any combination of greens, liquid, and fruit to create a good smoothie.

What makes the cut as a leafy green? Turn to spinach, kale, romaine, collard greens, and others. The greens are where you are going to be getting the most nutrients so make sure you don’t skimp on them. Next you will want to add a liquid base. The possibilities, however, don’t just end at water. You can use coconut water, coconut milk, or almond milk for your liquid base as well. As for fruits, you can get pretty creative by tossing in berries, bananas, mangoes, or apples.

When making the smoothie, first add the greens and the liquid base then blend. After blending the greens and the liquid base, add the fruit and blend well. Try using frozen fruit so that your smoothie will be chilled. You can also boost the nutrient power of your smoothie by adding chia seeds, flax seeds, or even cinnamon which all pack important nutrients and health benefits.

Pour and serve. These smoothies will be delicious and good for you! You can easily work the smoothies into your diet by enjoying them as breakfast, or as a mid-morning snack. The energy that this green drink will give you will keep you going for hours.

Try our favorite:

Kale Smoothie with Pineapple and Banana

2 cups kale

2 cups coconut milk

2 cups chopped pineapple

1 banana

Blend well and serve