Your Non-Sexual Guide to Netflix and Chill


It’s that time of year again. The time for hot chocolate in cute cafes, mittens and scarves so you can frolic comfortably in the snow, ice skating on the duck pond… Lol jk. Time for never leaving your bed because it’s FUCKING COLD! I don’t know about everyone else, but my favorite pastime when staying in bed all day is definitely Netflix.

Here are some great movies to watch while you’re netflix & chilling, with or without a bae (but always with all of the snacks).

The One I Love: This movie is great if you want something that kind of creeps you out, kind of #makesyouthink, and is really really pretty! It’s about a couple going through a rough patch that decides to go on a weekend retreat, which sounds pretty basic, but trust. It gets real weird, real fast.

Moonrise Kingdom: If you’re into quirky shit (and a very strong aesthetic), you will love Moonrise Kingdom. It’s a Wes Anderson film about a pair of misfits/star crossed lovers who are no older than 12 or 13. It’s got an original storyline, and it’s also pretty funny!

13 Going On 30: Do I even need to say anything? I’m going to. This is a great movie to watch any time, but especially when it’s really cold outside and you don’t want to do anything and adulthood is scary. Grab your Ben & Jerry’s, throw on a snuggie, and cry to the sweet sweet sounds of “Vienna” by Billy Joel in that one scene.

Happy: Want something to cheer you up on a drab day? Please watch Happy. It’s a documentary that highlights places with the highest happiness index and talks about some of the science and psychology behind happiness. It will absolutely make you happy, I pinky promise.

Heathers: Do you like '80s/early '90s teen movies? Of course you do. Do you like all things dark and twisted? If yes to both, you will adore Heathers. It starts out like any typical teen movie - a clique of popular girls, a budding romance, underage drinking - but then murder is thrown into the mix and it gets pretty wild pretty quickly.

Lilo & Stitch: Yeah, you read that right. Lilo & Stitch is on Netflix. For a Disney throwback that will also serve to take you out of the cold city streets of Boston and onto the warm beaches of Hawaii, look no further. It also offers a beautiful message about the importance of family and I’m not gonna lie, there’s a good chance you’ll cry.

Literally any holiday movie: ‘Tis the season, y’all. You know you want to. Make yourself some hot chocolate and get to it.

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