Spa H20 Day


Water has long since solidified its reputation as the most vital substance for all living things. Just because we know it’s good for us, however, doesn’t mean everyone is taking time out for their daily intake of H2O. With an overwhelming supply of flavorful drink options, it may be tempting to skip out on this basic necessity altogether. And how could anyone blame you? For many, plain water just simply lacks the allure of its numerous nutrient-enhanced, sweetened, and colorful competitors. With a few simple tricks, the balance of health and flavor can be restored—leaving water on the top shelf. Inspired by the fruit-infused ice water served as a refreshment post-massage or facial comes the regular, everyday use of what has been deemed ‘spa water.’ Health-conscious grocery stores like Whole Foods and trendy recipe conglomerate Pinterest are publicizing the surprisingly easy—and trendy— way to hydrate.

In essence, any water can be spa water with a few slices of fruit or herb leaves. In a large jug, combine your desired fruit, veggies, or herbs before filling the container with ice and later, water. The mixture should sit for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow the diffusion to occur. The skill in making your drink work for you, and not just for your Instagram post, is in selecting the right additive for your personal health needs.


For too long, one of the best fruits to put in your water has been wasted as mere decoration for restaurant tap waters. When lemon is left to soak in water, it not only creates a bold, tart flavor, but helps the body’s digestive processes and balances pH levels. Its unique blend of vitamins, namely Vitamin C, help flush the body of pathogenic bacteria and other toxins. Try soaking lemon slices in warm water first thing in the morning for an energy-boosting ritual favored by top models.


To reap the benefits of this prickly fruit, soak pineapple chunks, slices, or even some of the rind in a mixture of ice, water, and even other fruits. Its association to tropical paradises is subconsciously relaxing, and the power of its main enzyme, bromelain, will definitely put you at ease. Bromelain is an anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory, meaning regular consumption of pineapple can clean out unwanted digestive parasites and aid in sports or arthritic pain. Plus, it’s a natural stain-fighter, so no more sipping through straws to spare your teeth!


Take the cucumber slices off your eyes and put them where they’ll really make a difference—in your water! Though this veggie might not get the same publicity as some of the sweeter, more colorful fruits, it definitely deserves a place in your glass. A cucumber-infused glass of water is not only refreshing, but comes loaded with Vitamin K, potassium, and electrolytes. Its phytonutrient cucurbitacin and the antioxidants in its skin have both been researched for their cancer-fighting abilities.


Whether homegrown or picked up at a grocery store, soaking mint leaves in your spa water is always a good choice. Mint, like coffee, is a stimulant, but whereas coffee can leave a stale taste in your mouth, mint naturally freshens your breath. Additionally, the aroma alone eases headaches, nausea, and respiratory congestion.