Back to Basics: Demystifying The Art of Vagina Shaving


You and I both know that, yes, hair does grow down there. It could be black or red or blond, but no matter what color, it’s like grass-- you can mow it but it’s going to come back. But the one thing we don’t know is, how are we supposed to tame that bush? It's not exactly written in the American Girl body book that our moms gave us. What are the different ways to shave, anyway? Now, I’m no expert, but I am speaking from experience (as I do shave myself) and I’m going to do my absolute best to discuss the different ways to shave just for women. So, let’s just dive right in, beginning with the landing strip.  Instead of shaving it all off you simply leave a strip of hair on your you-know-where, guiding your significant other to your you-know-what.  This rectangle or strip can be as wide, narrow, long or short as you choose.  This can apply for any shape you choose to shave into your pubes.  But just remember it’s easier to shave off hair than it is to put it back. So be sure to start big and then take hair away from there.

The next option is one that we are probably all familiar with—the naked mole rat.  Off with it! Off with all of the hair! Well, it’s easier said than done.  Shaving every crack and crevice of the vagina is difficult, and not to mention time consuming.  If it’s been a while, sometimes you can even clog the drain. But some good tips to remember are to at first shave with the grain of your hair and then after that shave against it.  It can help if you pull your skin as taught as it can go and also if you put your leg up on the side of the tub.

Remember your vagina is just like your face. They both need to be exfoliated. Doing so will prevent nasty razor burns and ingrown hairs.  (Oh, before we move on I feel sort of obliged to tell you that when you do shave all of your hair off you are more susceptible to cuts, bumps, bruises, and bacteria.  Your hair does serve a purpose it is there to protect your goods.)

Last but not least-- The Picasso. Your pubic hair is your very own blank canvas!  You can shave a heart, a star, or even your initials! This adds an element of surprise for whoever gets to see it.  And if it’s his or her very first time meeting your personal business, then I can guarantee that they will not soon forget you. Just remember before you begin your artwork to trim, trim, trim. By trimming the height of your pubic hair down with scissors it will make it easier to maneuver when shaving it.  The smaller the scissors the better, because we both know how delicate that area is. Try your best not to cut yourself, (I will not be held responsible if you do!) Be very careful when shaving new shapes, especially if you are a shaving-virgin. It always helps to clean your razor with water between every path that you shave.

I’m sure if you get creative there are many other things to do when shaving your pubic hair. Don’t forget, there’s also nothing wrong with going au naturel. So if you don’t feel like shaving that’s perfectly fine, too. At the end of the day it’s about self love.