The 5 Best Throw Blankets Ever


Wrapping yourself up in a nice blanket is something that everyone should be doing at least four times a day (this is negotiable but heavily recommended). You can basically do all of your regular day to day activities, while still being snug and comfortable. The list below contains five of the coziest throw blankets you’ll ever encounter. 1. Threshold Organic Blanket


This is the only blanket on the list that actually provides me with my daily dose of comfortable. Made from 100% organic cotton, this blanket is not too heavy and not too lightweight. It works for extra warmth in the night time or just as something to lay on the couch in. In my first few weeks of owning this, I was probably seen without this blanket a total of three times. This throw comes in about eight different color choices (so that is eight opportunities for extreme comfort).

Where: Target How Much: $35

2. LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Knit Throw


This ruffled and fringe styled throw received rave reviews from every person who's purchased it. A part of a delicately designed collection, this throw comes in four different colors and would be a delightful addition to your collection. With this blanket, style and comfort can go hand and hand.

Where: LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls How Much: $29.99 (On sale, regular price is $50)







3. Wicked Plush Oversized Throw


This fleece blanket is the perfect combination of plush and sturdy. The most oversized of the choices, this blanket the perfect way to make sure every single inch of you stays warm.

Where: L.L.Bean How Much: $39.50

4. Softest Throw in Ombre


This blanket offers a simple yet appealing design and can be personalized. While this one is a little more lightweight than the others, it’s super soft feeling fills any gap. Coming in four different ombre combinations, this product is a great choice for anyone.

Where: West Elm How Much: $39 (on sale, regular price $49)

5. Bryson Knit Throw


As the temperature cools down, a heavy knit blanket is going to be a gift that everyone can appreciate. The earthy colors and rope style fringe add a nice homey feel to the already comfortable blanket.

Where: Pottery Barn How Much: $44.99 (on sale, regular price $59)